omigosh - lookie its an update!

Alritey just a short update before my resolution totally dies off.

I've been totally super busy at work its not funny. I finish late most of the days (hey am not complaining!) but its good in a way cos now I kinda appreciate the weekends more and wish they were much longer. For some reason the week seems shorter.

Its a total bullshit mess to get stuck in the jam every single morning.

I don't know what else to blog about, i think its cos i'm getting old. Or maybe just me getting boring. Either way its not good.

So therefore i'm just ranting as i type now.

Its been three months since i started my new job. Sometimes its quite a challenge but i do like the change very much :D Oh btw, i've been confirmed so yay good on me.

My closest friend in the company so far Miss Veron has left the building to pursue her other dreams. I miss her so much like really.

Oh well will update more soonish!

I hope i really get to blog again from time to time. Reading back my old blog post just made me realise that i used to be so damn dedicated in blogging. I updated like every single day.

Now its almost a miracle there's a bloody update once a month.

I'm gonna really promise myself to be really dedicated.

*fingers crossed*

p/s : Next post i'm gonna write a letter to the future me! I got inspired by the book i'm currently reading - Three Wishes.

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