Finally - trying to keep my resolution alive

Finally I'm actually blogging again after over a month.Been so effing tired and my daily routine is like - sleep, work, sleep, work. No time to eat also wtf. So far its been a good experience and it is definitely something new and something worth giving a shot to be good at however it can be really tiring at times AND frustrating.
Anyhoo enough about work. Will blog about what I've been up to for the past month.

Okeh here goes..
  • World Cup happened and glory glory Spain :) Although I've been a supporter of England but one should never never have that high hopes for the country. We all know they did the best they could. Oh well, next four years it is then.
Us at FunkyVilla watching the devastating lost of Argentina to Germany. Pfft.

  • There was a H1N1 attack in the office and the gave us mask. Instead of wearing them like all good employees should - Veron and I drew er faces for it :D It was quite entertaining actually.
That's my workplace at the back. Its been taken over by heaps of paper now -__-

  • Went to watch a bunch of half naked, spandex wearing & testosterone overloaded guys compete on whose bloody biceps are bigger. It was a great experience though.

  • Last but not least - MTV World Stageeee ! :D Daddykinz got tickets for us. It was an awesome experience. What sucked though was of course that it rained the whole night - thank God we weren't sick the next day. All in all - it was great! Tokio Hotel rockeedddd oh and so does Bunkface, Katy Perry and Wondergirls (although I'm not really a big fan. I've always thought they were annoying, LOL)

  • Oh last but not least - I pranked Joseph on FlyFM's Pagi Show Alarm Call. Swear to God it was the funniest shit ever. LOL
Alrighty till the next post - toodles :D

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