It's almost the end of 2010..


Darn it - wtf happened to the whole of 2010?

Since i'm so free at this ungodly hour i shall take this chance (finally!) to update what i can remember for 2010.

So here goes.

1. Celebrated the boyfriend's birthday at Daidomon. Noms.

2. Celebrated our anniversary at the Daily Grind. Two years (well almost 3 now) and still making it happen. Although we chance upon an accidental meet I'm really glad US happened because you make me the happiest girl around :D Although every other day we drive each other up the wall we strive to understand each other a lil more every single day. Ily more with every passing day and i hope that you know that.

3. Got into an accident on April Fool's Day. Haha, the joke is on me FML. Shall not like prank people anymore. I remember i called the boyfriend at like 2am to tell him that i've gotten into an accident. He yawned and said "Haha, April fool right? Okay you got me!" and then i started crying like a bitch and yelling my head off then he believed me. Haha, who's laughing now?

4. Traveled almost the whole of Peninsular Malaysia early this year for work. I can't say i loved it or hated it. The best was that i had good company by my side. I can still remember the late nights room service and breakfast by the rivers of East Coast and of course driving with almost zilch petrol on the highway from Kedah back to Penang Island. Also the infamous driving with our eyes close to Johor. Both Vv and i were trying our best to stay awake and constantly screaming at each other so that we'd keep each other awake. I'm glad that THAT is over.

5. Left my old job after a year to pursue my bigger dream in the big industry. I've been here for 6 months and I never stop learning something new every single day. Met loads of different people from all walks of life, made a whole lot of new friends and all i can say is that i am glad that i am a part of a big picture in a structure.

6. For some reason in July my friends and i were feeling merry and drank like a fish. Must be all those months of being sober. Hmmm.

7. Attended MTV World Stage. Probably the wettest freaking concert, ever! It just wouldn't stop raining! Looks like the weather bomoh didn't work. Pfft.

8. Turned twentyf*ckingthree, omg. Alright, I've been pretty blessed all these years so thank you God!

Thanks guys for throwing me a so called 'surprise' birthday at Ms Read & for dunno what reason this is the only shitty picture i have of me doing God knows what. But hey, i look reallllllllyyyyy happy :D

9. Drink, drank, dropped. Just realised that i drank quite a bit this year! There seems to be a lot of alco images in my folder.

Hmm i heart kilkenny, noms.

And then my stomach problems cam back and i fell really really sick. I was definitely not in a good place :(

So next year's resolution is DRINK LESSER before my medicines go and FTL just like Momzie's eye cream. Haha, i actually find this really funny.

10. Reminiscing the college days & the nasi lemak wtf. I feel so old. It felt like only yesterday since I've left college. Suddenly i have a career ahead of me and suddenly i feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. No more allowance from the parents, paying for my own car/bills and being a real adult (as oppose to fake? Haha)

Oh my degree is dated 1st August which happens to be my birthday. Something which i thought is really really cool. Haha, it's like UOL gave me my degree as a birthday pressie for my birthday LOL :D

11. Lined up like a MF for the opening of Uniqlo. I don't even know why the boyfriend and i did that. Best part is i didn't even buy shit cos there were too many people and all i wanted to do when i got into the store was to get out. The boyfriend on the other hand had a jolly good time buying the whole men's department. Pfffttttt.

12. Technically i'm doing an update for every month. So since December isn't over yet I'll blog about this soon :D

Alrighto. I'm gonna consider this settled for now.

Just realised that as per my older blog post I was suppose to write to the future me. Hmm. I'll do that realllll soon !

Till the next post, i'm off.



Hello dusty blog

Just a random quickie update before November ends


Shall blog more when i finally have more time!



The other day the bf and i went to KL to fix my poor car which has been clonking since forever. Being the curios me (well, for my own safety too!) decided to get it over with. Apparently we found out that there has been a missing screw which fell off my battery latch and was hanging about near my gear box hence the annoying clonking sound.

Oh well at least now i figured out why.

So after that we decided to go town for dinner and as we passed by my college i thought about the nasi lemak. It's been 2 years since i've been back that place & i suddenly have some craving for it.
Pardon my finished plate - i was really hungry! :D

So many memories were left at that little lorong. So many things the girls and i talked about.
Its funny how time vanishes from our lives. It felt like only yesterday since we've graduated.

I remembered how we called this rundown place that serves the most awesome kopi ais kau (really good to perk us up for the loooonng lectures) our little Starbucks. And they have the best steamed bun ever! Okay, maybe i'm being biased.

I remember us talking about London, New York and Europe. I remembered how we laughed at all the silly things which happened in our lives and of course all the frustration from not understanding a particular question.

The little nasi lemak place which opens after 5pm. The sambal & chicken combination can bring me back to 2 years that easily. Nothing has changed. The stall uncle still remembers who i am. He even said to me "Wow, its been a long time!" - i honestly have no idea why this post sounds so melancholic.

I guess this really means i'm growing up.

And in a sick twisted sort of way - i miss being in law school. I miss being part of something which was so familiar.

omigosh - lookie its an update!

Alritey just a short update before my resolution totally dies off.

I've been totally super busy at work its not funny. I finish late most of the days (hey am not complaining!) but its good in a way cos now I kinda appreciate the weekends more and wish they were much longer. For some reason the week seems shorter.

Its a total bullshit mess to get stuck in the jam every single morning.

I don't know what else to blog about, i think its cos i'm getting old. Or maybe just me getting boring. Either way its not good.

So therefore i'm just ranting as i type now.

Its been three months since i started my new job. Sometimes its quite a challenge but i do like the change very much :D Oh btw, i've been confirmed so yay good on me.

My closest friend in the company so far Miss Veron has left the building to pursue her other dreams. I miss her so much like really.

Oh well will update more soonish!

I hope i really get to blog again from time to time. Reading back my old blog post just made me realise that i used to be so damn dedicated in blogging. I updated like every single day.

Now its almost a miracle there's a bloody update once a month.

I'm gonna really promise myself to be really dedicated.

*fingers crossed*

p/s : Next post i'm gonna write a letter to the future me! I got inspired by the book i'm currently reading - Three Wishes.

Finally - trying to keep my resolution alive

Finally I'm actually blogging again after over a month.Been so effing tired and my daily routine is like - sleep, work, sleep, work. No time to eat also wtf. So far its been a good experience and it is definitely something new and something worth giving a shot to be good at however it can be really tiring at times AND frustrating.
Anyhoo enough about work. Will blog about what I've been up to for the past month.

Okeh here goes..
  • World Cup happened and glory glory Spain :) Although I've been a supporter of England but one should never never have that high hopes for the country. We all know they did the best they could. Oh well, next four years it is then.
Us at FunkyVilla watching the devastating lost of Argentina to Germany. Pfft.

  • There was a H1N1 attack in the office and the gave us mask. Instead of wearing them like all good employees should - Veron and I drew er faces for it :D It was quite entertaining actually.
That's my workplace at the back. Its been taken over by heaps of paper now -__-

  • Went to watch a bunch of half naked, spandex wearing & testosterone overloaded guys compete on whose bloody biceps are bigger. It was a great experience though.

  • Last but not least - MTV World Stageeee ! :D Daddykinz got tickets for us. It was an awesome experience. What sucked though was of course that it rained the whole night - thank God we weren't sick the next day. All in all - it was great! Tokio Hotel rockeedddd oh and so does Bunkface, Katy Perry and Wondergirls (although I'm not really a big fan. I've always thought they were annoying, LOL)

  • Oh last but not least - I pranked Joseph on FlyFM's Pagi Show Alarm Call. Swear to God it was the funniest shit ever. LOL
Alrighty till the next post - toodles :D

A year older

I'm a year older - FML.

I wanna be 21 every year.


Anyway been really really really really busy - promise to update real soon, i hope.

I better be keeping that resolution to blog regularly.

Darn it.

Busy like fck dot com

I haven't been blogging lately.

Tsk tsk, i need to really keep my resolution.

Will update soon-ish ! :D

At the moment i gotta concentrate on work, sleeping and getting up. Eating is not even in the list.

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